Golden Time services all makes and models of wrist watches and pocket watches. We offer a full range of watch repair services to get your favourite timepiece up and running while you shop.


Need your watch battery replaced quickly and correctly to keep you on time?  Our Watch Technicians have the experience and equipment to replace the batteries in virtually any make or model of wrist watch in minutes.


Are unsightly scratches on the crystal of your favourite watch keeping you from wearing it proudly?  Golden Time can buff out the scratches on the crystal of your wrist watch or pocket watch. We also replace cracked or gauged watch crystals including plastic, glass or synthetic sapphire watch crystals.


Unable to wind your watch or set the time due to a stripped crown? If you have a broken stem and crown, our professional Watch Technicians have the expertise to install a new stem and crown without disturbing the delicate watch movement — ensuring the highest quality watch repair.


Searching for the perfect watch band to complement your watch?  We offer replacement watchbands for all makes and styles of watches from diver’s watch bands to western watch bands. Our broad selection of watchbands includes leather and cloth watchbands, Velcro and black rubber watch bands — and a variety of metal watchbands from titanium to gold. We can replace any strap while you watch. Your watch will look brand new!


Need a master engraver to personalize a gift watch with your own message or monogram? Custom etching and engraving is one of our specialties. Golden Time can engrave your choice of message in a variety of custom engraving styles on both wrist watches and pocket watches.


Did you know that simply wearing your watch every day results in buildup of dirt and grime? Keeping your watch clean and functioning properly requires proper maintenance. Golden Time can clean and inspect your wrist watch the right way by disassembling, cleaning and inspecting your watch to make sure it is properly cleaned and functioning in tip top condition.


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