Make your gift unique! Golden Time offers a variety of engraveable gifts. High quality engraving can be customized on the inside/outside of rings & bangles, gold/silver/ etc. jewellery, crystal/glass etching, baby cups and bowls, watches, small charms, zippo lighters, swords, golf clubs, fishing poles and much more.

Let our engraving specialists help you choose the perfect gift or verse, to make your gift a cherished treasure for years to come.


  • $10 basic setup fee
  • $15 Setup fee for Rings/Bangle Bracelets 
  • $20 Setup for Glass items 
  • $0.75 per letter *
  • $1 a letter for glass items

*Receive 20% off of the engraving if the gift is purchased from Golden Time 


All bulk orders will be offered at a discounted rate. See one of our engraving specialists for pricing.


A variety of fonts and sizes are available to suit your needs. See one of our engraving specialists to help pick the right choice for you.


Custom designs and logos will be quoted. We offer a variety of designs to choose from. Logo’s will have to be submitted in a specific format. See one of our engraving specialists to walk you through the process.
Be sure to drop by or Contact Us for any of your engraving needs.